Al Wakra Stadium or Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar

Al Wakra Stadium or Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar is one of the eight stadiums where the Supreme Committee for Qatar Projects (SCT) is preparing to host some of the 2022 World Cups.

The stadium design is one of those inspired by Qatar’s traditional boat sails and aims to reinforce Al Wakra’s history as a major fishing center.

What is the capacity of Al Janoub Stadium?

The stadium has a capacity of 40,000 fans. Al Janoub Stadium will host six matches in the 2022 World Cup while the round of sixteen will host one.

How much does it cost to build Al Janoub Stadium?

The cost of building the stadium is estimated at $575 million.

About the stadium

Photos of Al Janoub Stadium

Stadium Features

  • The stadium is designed with modern assets to connect the past with the present and promote the future.
  • Al Janoub Stadium, the first stadium ready to host the World Cup, was built from scratch as the project committee began building it in 2014.
  • The stadium has excellent cooling and processing units that improve the weather.
  • Natural materials were used with timber to make the stadium magnificent to consolidate Al Wakrah’s legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Al Janoub Stadium or Al Wakrah?

Al Janoub Stadium is located in downtown Doha, 23 km from the city center. Located at the old entrance to Al Wakra, it is an important part of the vast sports complex that contains a range of cycling trails and sports clubs.

Who designed Al Janoub Stadium?

Al Janoub Stadium was designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Many volunteers attended the opening ceremony.

How to get to Al Janoub Stadium?

Fans can take the Doha Metro to reach Al Janoub Stadium. There are also some taxis available for quick and easy access to the stadium.

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