Education City Stadium in Qatar

Education City Stadium is one of the stadiums that will host group matches for the 2022 World Cup.

The stadium is located in the heart of Education City in Al Rayyan area.

At a distance of up to 7 km northwest of central Doha. Designed to meet the requirements of a sustainable, green and healthy life in the future.

Education City Stadium has become one of the playgrounds used as a hub for increasing knowledge and innovation.

This region includes a group of international universities that are at the forefront of innovation and invention through a range of research developed in society.

Why is Education City Stadium called the “Jewel of the Desert”?

Education City Stadium is nicknamed the “Jewel of the Desert” because of its triangular façade, which creates complex diamond-shaped geometric patterns that change color as the sun moves in the sky.

At night, the façade offers a light-colored display making it more attractive.


Education City Stadium blends the rich history of Islamic architecture with stunning modernity.

The design of the stadium also reveals some of the features of diamonds such as the characteristics of durability, quality and endurance as well as the treasures of Qatari heritage.

What is the capacity of Education City Stadium?

The stadium has 40,000 seats and can accommodate many fans.

Why was this stadium chosen to be in Education City?

Education City was chosen as the focal point of the stadium. This location offers fast, easy and safe access from the city to the stadium, as well as access to the stadium without long distances.

Education City Stadium where football meets science

Photos of Education City Stadium

What are the features of Education City Stadium?

  • Sound and air insulation technology was used in the construction of the Education City Stadium, where the roofing system consists of two types of steel tires, including longitudinal tires and other round hollow tires directly connected to the steel structure, where metal panels stabilize the surface and strengthen the sound enhancement inside the stadium.
  • Technology was built into the roof of the stadium to distribute a series of speakers throughout the stadium.
  • The closed roof design prevents the flow of outside air and reduces roof air pressure and wind loads.
  • The stadium has approximately 1485 units that control the external lighting as all lighting is distributed throughout the stadium.
  • The color change technology was used and is part of the technologies developed by Philips International.
  • Roof lifting technology has been used and is one of the modern ways to build a steel bridge by temporarily installing a series of steel towers on the roof.
  • An iron bridge for overloads is included in the formation of a giant roof in the stadium along with a roof that rests on a set of steel cylindrical supports.
  • 1500 tons of ferrous material was used in the process of building the roof to resist rust.
  • The stadium is designed according to the historical standards of Islamic architecture, and contains some of the most surprising modern standards.
  • The façade of the building is characterized by a series of complex triangles, which create many geometric patterns.
  • The choice of location was not a coincidence, but the location was carefully chosen taking into account that people with special needs would not have to travel long distances to attend the tournament.
  • Education City visitors can enjoy many views that mimic the environment and nature, as well as many means of transport to move between the stadium and the surrounding roads.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Education City Stadium represent?

The Education City Stadium represents quality, durability, and resilience. It is also a symbol of Qatar's position as a dynamic learning hub. The world-class facilities and cutting-edge research conducted at the universities located within Education City make it an ideal location for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Where is education city stadium ?

Education City Stadium is located in Al Rayyan, Qatar, 7 km outside the city center.

How do you get to Education City Stadium?

The Education City Stadium can be reached by car or by using the Doha Metro .

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