Lusail Stadium – World Cup Final

Lusail Stadium is a final theatre World Cup and is one of the newly constructed core stadiums for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™.

The stadium features a variety of stunning landscapes that combine size and splendor in a dazzling and unique design.

The stadium will host the final of the World Cup, in addition to 6 matches in the group stage, and will host 3 matches in the knockout rounds including the semi-final match.

What is the capacity of Lusail Stadium?

The stadium has a capacity of up to 80,000 fans, as the stadium is one of the largest stadiums in terms of area, where the final match is held.

Where is Lusail Stadium located?

The stadium is located in Lusail City, about 25 kilometers north of Doha, Qatar.

Why was Lusail Stadium so named?

The design concept goes back to the idea of combining city lights with the reflected shades of the traditional lighthouse, making the stadium a unique structure that reflects the unique destination marked by inscriptions.

Its design and façade also reflect the symbolism of the inscriptions in food bowls, pottery and other works of art found throughout the Arab and Muslim world that are characterized by a culture that speaks to the ancient history of the State of Qatar.

About Lusail Stadium

Photos of Lusail Stadium

Lusail Stadium Features

  • Design that combines originality and modernity
  • The building’s own lighthouse has reflections of the stadium and façade and is dominated by a golden color with a series of sculptures and very fine inscriptions.
  • Lusail Stadium is sure to soon be one of the stadiums with the largest number of football matches
  • Lusail Stadium is environmentally friendly
  • Lusail Stadium seats will be removed because their seats are dismantling and stackable, and seats will be awarded to some developing countries.
  • Lusail Stadium has received many certificates and awards thanks to the vitality and efficiency it has always shown to preserve the environment .
  • The playground uses water that is rotated for treatment to irrigate the plants around the playground.
  • The material “Polytetra Loro ethylene” was used in the construction phase of the roof in order to protect the stadium from any wind and sharp dust that occurs as a result of bad weather.
  • The stadium is equipped with a highly developed cooling system, allowing the stadium to be used at any time of the year, whatever the weather outside.

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