Top things to do in Doha Qatar

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best  things to do in Qatar during world cup 2022 . things to do in qatar
So why don’t we look into things to do in doha qatar during FIFA 2022 .

Tourism in Doha: 15 things to do in Qatar during the 2022 World Cup

1- The pearl Qatar

the pearlqatar islandThis is a very popular tourist attraction in Qatar. It is a planned neighborhood and island, which was built on a former pearl diving site.

Its popularity comes from its luxury and breathtaking beauty.
Each estate on the island has ultra luxury housing developments that are particularly beautiful at night .
Prompting locals to dub it the pearl of Qatar .
If you like boat rides or water games this is the place to be .
On this man-made island, you can find luxury residences, international fashion houses, high-end malls, luxury car showrooms, fantastic restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops and more.

The pearl also has a scenic coastline ideal for a relaxing walk .
While in the pearl, Don’t miss novo cinemas, medina central , illusion nightclub , doa super club, marcia milos kompinsky , porto arabia and carluccio’s a luxury Italian restaurant.

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2- Souq Waqif

Souq WaqifOne of Qatar’s most popular attractions is the “soug wakif “or the standing market .
The market is traditional with winding alleyways . It’s a one-of-a-kind cultural shopping experience that allows you to Qatar’s local culture.

Many small shops sell various goods including traditional Qatari clothing, handcrafted items, custom-made, perfumes, jewelry and souvenirs .
It even has a falcon Souq where you can pose with a falcon perched on your arm or simply admire these magnificent birds up close .

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3- Doha Cornish

كورنيش الدوحةThe Doha Cornish is one side that outdoor enthusiasts will regret missing during their time in Qatar during the world cup .
The waterfront walkway in Doha Corniche provides the most appealing view of the city skyline.

The corniche has numerous restaurants and cafes, making it the perfect place to relax and talk with friends.

If you and your partner are traveling for the tournament, the magnificent ocean view is perfect for lunch break or an evening stroll .

Most visitors however come to enjoy the people watching and the breathtaking scenery .
Don’t forget your camera for the numerous photo opportunities, such as the pearl monument a fountain sculpture of a massive open oyster with a pearl in its mouth that glows at night .

4- Visit Kitara Cultural Village

قرية كتارا الثقافية

Six out of the eight host stadiums for the World Cup have Qatar’s culture and art integrated into their architectural designs.

Visit one of the stadiums at the katara cultural village to see your favorite team play and get an up-close look at some amazing designs.

It’s located in Doha and houses several theaters, museums and art galleries .
There are also a few restaurants and cafes on the premises where you can unwind alone or with friends .
This is the ideal location for experiencing the country’s culture while having fun on the water .
katara beach is famous for parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing, knee boarding and other activities .
Anyone who participates in Qatar’s water sports and other activities is welcome to use their umbrellas and beach chairs for free .

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5- Sand Dune Safari

سفاري الكثبان الرملية في قطرThe best guides will time your return so that you can see a breathtaking sunset over Doha .
Dune bashing a desert safari that starts just outside of Doha is one of the most thrilling activities in the desert .
This sand dune safari allows you to experience the vastness of the desert.
Make it fast and bumpy for a more exciting ride or smooth if you prefer to relax and take in the breathtaking scenery .

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6- Azubara fortress

قلعة الزبارةThis fortress is a picturesque representation of Qatar’s history for history buffs .
This is one of the finest examples of the region’s 18th to 19th century settlements .
It’s located in the middle of the desert and its main attraction is how it appears as you ride through the desert on your way to the site .
The three foot thick walls of the fort aided in repelling invaders and keeping the rooms cool during the hot summers.
Mosques residential palaces, courtyard , homes fisherman’s huts cemeteries a canal and a harbor are also part of the fascinating sight .

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7- Qetaifan Island North water park

جزيرة قطيفانQetaifan Island North located just 12 miles north of Doha city center is close to Lusail stadium which will host
the final of the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022.
Making it easy for fans to access , this is the first entertainment island in Qatar .
Once here you can enjoy the icon tower, a 279 foot high slide the world’s tallest of its kind .
It will be located on its own man-made island just offshore accessible by train .
For an even greater variety of experiences the island’s water features will also include tube, body and raft rides .
It will feature beach clubs floating hotels and a water park with more than a dozen rides .

8- Winter Wonderland

أرض العجائب الشتوية في قطرThis island with rides carnival games, restaurants, seaside chalets and beaches will open in time for the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022 providing entertainment and excitement before and after the event .
Doha winter wonderland a welcome respite from the heat is one of Qatar’s most anticipated new attractions .
Fifty amusement park rides including a giant Ferris, wheel a roller, coaster and bumper cars will be included .

9- The Museum of Islamic art

Museum of Islamic ArtThe museum of Islamic art Qatar’s most important cultural landmark displays 1400 year old Islamic art from three
continents .
It’s the world’s largest collection of its kind. This museum is built like a postmodern fortress on its own island off the cornice promenade .
It has a few windows to help reduce energy consumption .
There are five floors of artifacts including magnificent pots, glittering jewels, swords, daggers and a complete set of armor .
The view of the Persian gulf and the city skyline across the water is worth a trip in and of itself .

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10- Mangroves of Alpha Kira

أشجار المانغروف ألفا كيرا في قطرWe can’t forget the greens even though you’ll be there for a game .
The alpha kiara mangroves are a lush oasis that provides a unique ecosystem as one of the country’s oldest and
largest mangrove forests .
Located surprisingly close to the industrial city of alcor .
Mangroves are one of Qatar’s few endemic plants flamingos and herons have been migrating to this area for years because it’s rich in bird life .
Taking a kayak tour or renting a kayak and exploring on your own is the best way to enjoy the mangroves .

11- Aerial Tour Of the City

أماكن سياحية في الدوحةDon’t miss this unforgettable experience while in Doha so you must take an aerial tour .
The tour takes you on an incredible ride showing you the best spots in the city in the desert terrains from above .
This is a one of a kind experience for visitors because they get a rare view of some locations .

12- FIFA festivals

Mdl beast will be visiting awakura with arabia for the world cup . Although, the lineup has not yet been
announced rumors say that 5000 fans will be able to attend the festival.
The arcadia spectacular dance music festival will also take place near rasboo fontes metro station and accommodate up to 15000 fans.
The drisha performing arts festival organized by the Qatar foundation will return for a second year with a week-long event .
The details have yet to be revealed but keep your hopes up as the guitar philharmonic orchestra and dana alfardon performed at last year’s festival .

13- Ride a camel and Sand skating

ركوب الجمل في قطرCamels are known as the desert ship. It’s also an important part of Qatar’s culture and history riding a camel and exploring the sand dunes is one of the must-do activities in Qatar .
You can go dune-bashing and camel riding in the same area .
You may be intimidated at first but once you ride it and go for a walk you will undoubtedly realize that you made the correct decision .
So camel riding is a must do when visiting Qatar especially during the FIFA world cup 2022 .

Sandboarding in Qatar

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14- Sheikh Faisal bin Qasim Al thani Museum

متحف الشيخ فيصل بن قاسم آل ثانيThe sheikh faisal bin Qasim Al-thani Museum is one of the must-see attractions in
Qatar .
This is one of the country’s most intriguing and surprising museums .
It contains antique religious books , cigarette packets and textiles even an ottoman bomb from the 18th century the rooms here are filled with over 15000 artifacts.
One hall is fitted with the traditional pearling boats and vintage American automobiles.
Be sure to inquire about the Syrian home. It was shipped piece by piece to Qatar before the war .

15- Desert Rose Crystals

بلورات وردة الصحراء قطرThe Desert Rose is a rare occurrence that occurs naturally in Qatar’s deserts .
It’s composed of gypsum and sand grains . So why not spend some time seeing a desert rose once you’re there for the
world cup .
However, please do not step on or touch it because it’s extremely fragile.
If you find one it will be an unforgettable memory for you in Qatar .

That’s not all my friend, let me tell you one more thing you must not forget .
Eat and drink what you must try are mock booze and karak makbuz is rice seasoned with aromatic spices and topped with meat chicken or seafood .
Karak is a tea made by boiling condensed milk, water, tea, cardamom and sugar.

So my wishes are for you to enjoy world cup 2022 in Doha Qatar .

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